Carpet Cost Calculator

Enter the length (in feet), width (in feet), and then select the grade of material cost per square feet for the project.

Step 1: Length of room ft.   

Step 2: Width of room ft.   

Cost (per sqft.)

Step: 4

Builders Grade - $2.29 sf
Includes Carpet, Pad & Installation

Better Grade - $2.99 sf
Includes Carpet, Pad & Installation

Premium Grade - $4.59 sf
Includes Carpet, Pad & Installation

Example: Length = 18.5 (x) Width = 12, Select Grade option: Builders Grade = $2.29. Then "Calculate Cost" = 222 sf/$508.38.

Here, easily estimate your total cost of carpet from your room dimensions and carpet grade. Have questions about a carpet or grade? Visit our showroom near you for assistance, including a free estimate (bring along your room dimensions).

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These prices are basic installation prices. They do not include take up, floor prep, shoe mold or trims if applicable.

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